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Why Use Caro Garden Design, London

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Where to start! – well, here goes:

You get the garden you wanted –a practical and beautiful design tailor made especially for your needs, so it includes everything you could wish for, in a way you might not have thought of yourself.

Considerably increase your living space – even a small courtyard garden adds quite a large proportion of useable space to the home – and with some forethought, this can be used all year round if desired.

Improve your outlook on life – you see your garden every time you glance out of your windows, so why not look out on a lovely view? Subtle lighting means you can see the garden even on winter evenings when our days are shortest. Good design and planting means year-round structure and an ever-changing vista.

Expert plant advice – even if plants are not really your thing, the garden can still look amazing with carefully chosen low maintenance perennial shrubs and trees – and we know what plants will look good where, and can advise on what should be bought as large specimens, and what not to waste your money on, such as fast growing plants that you can buy small and will grow in no time.

Financial certainty – we visit you to give you a fixed price quotation for our complete design package, from the initial contact through to presentation of the plans and documents to you.

Value for money – a design costs money, for sure, but you actually save money on plants, containers, furniture and other garden items that we can often buy for you more cheaply than you could find them yourself.

All aspects of garden design covered – we can help with planning issues, party walls, legislation affecting front gardens, and other relevant legal areas where necessary.

With an eye to the future – one day you may want to sell your home, and there is no doubt that a lovely garden will improve your chances of selling and increase the value of your property. Some people even buy the garden, with the house attached!

Unlike many design companies, we offer garden maintenance for the gardens we have created, to ensure that the gardens develop as we had intended, and to help our clients keep their gardens looking great! We will visit on a regular or one-off basis, and also will give horticultural training for those clients who would just like a little help to get started themselves.

Caro Garden Design is a fully insured, professional garden design practice, operating since 2003.



It sounds like a cliche but my new garden really is another room, I go out into it whenever I can ... the circles and the simplicity of the design give it an elegance that is timeless ... it looks fantastic when it's raining because the stone goes dark grey and glossy...

Alison Hawes, Bristol