Garden redesign

Does your garden need a total re-think by design professionals?  Once we have a very good idea of what you are looking for, we work out the best design solution for your garden and bring that back to you for discussion.  We never forget that it’s your garden at the end of the day, not ours, so your comments at this outline stage are invaluable to us.

We then draw up the final designs and documentation for your garden, including planting designs, setting out plans and specification documents for the contractors, and plant schedules for the nurseries.

We are very pleased with our new front garden. Particularly successful was the design process which involved questionnaires and discussion with Caro and Jo about the style of garden we wanted, and about the types of garden plants we liked and disliked. The final design clearly reflected these discussions and was an imaginative solution to our various, occasionally contradictory, requests. The result is a delightful garden, which has transformed the appearance of the house and will only get better as it matures.

KA, London

Caro Garden Design have a highly professional approach to designing and delivering gardens. They are skilled at assessing clients’ needs and developing a design that meets this brief. Both creative but with a careful eye on budget, they were able to support a ground-breaking Royal Horticultural Society project to design and transform a completely paved over front garden into one that still provides parking while being green and attractive. Challenges were always met with pragmatism and by offering solutions for the best, final results.

Leigh Hunt, Principal Horticultural Advisor, The Royal Horticultural Society

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