Some of us get round to doing things at the proper time. Some of us have every good intention but somehow don’t quite make it. This one’s for you…

Spring bulbs – the most exciting thing to happen after Christmas – are pushing into life right now. Crocuses and early daffodils are merrily twinkling amid the gloomier bits of winter border and giving you cause to smile every time you go past them… Unless, that is, you didn’t get round to planting them last autumn. 

But there is a Get Out of Jail Free card. Garden centres and DIY stores do like to cash in on an opportunity, so they will be selling ready planted pots of daffs and tulips which you can pop in the ground or into ornamental pots, just as if they’d been growing there all along. 

Next year… Plant bulbs in autumn (much cheaper, much much more choice).

This year…well, breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy.

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