Can you park your car AND have a garden right in front of your house?

Indeed you can.  Last year we designed an award winning garden for the Ealing Front Gardens Project in conjunction with the RHS – click here

Car on planted front gardenThe aim was to demonstrate that even in cities where parking space is at a premium and homeowners feel obliged to park in front of their houses, it is still possible to create a green attractive space at a minimal cost.  Using recycled materials, easily available plants, replacing some boundaries with hedges and adding climbers to others made it green, wildlife-friendly and cost-effective.  Watering is made easy by using permeable surfaces such as gravel, so that plants instantly benefit when it rains, and also by collecting rainwater from the existing gutters and storing in a discreet wall mounted water butt. 

Planting a front gardenWe were thrilled when the garden won a silver award at the recent APL awards ceremony (March 2018).  Entered by Oakley Landscapes, the contractors who built the garden and who also gave their time for free, the garden was up against some big projects so we were delighted to get a prize for our humble very low budget enterprise.  Happy days.